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Mindfulness & Your Child

To piggy back off of many of the articles & blogs recently posted regarding the benefits of mindfulness, I want to share a brief outlook as to why we believe this could be an important part of your child’s life today and during their adult lives.​

Keeping this post short, I would like to simply point out some of the reasons why research has determined mindfulness to be an important lesson in your child’s life, as well as ours. For starters, mindfulness comes in a number of forms; the more common are yoga and meditation. For those of you who don’t know, yoga is an action adopted by the Hindu community that includes breathing control, meditation and specific body postures used to help relax the body. Meditation is to spend time thinking deeply and focusing on one’s mind for a period of time; this includes sitting in silence, breathing and deep thinking.

For approximately 10 or so years now, a great number of educators, therapists and other service providers are utilizing mindfulness as a means of assisting children. Yoga, meditation and social/emotional learning is playing a major role in some of the changes students are experiencing in a number of learning facilities. Mindfulness has been making a little headway in low SES school, decreasing the stress levels in the students, and improving their attention and on-task behaviors as well as they overall behavior in and out of school.

To conclude, here are a list of just some areas guaranteed to improve with the use of mindfulness:

*****Mental health

*****Attention & behavior support

*****Physical health


*****School/academic performance

*****Reduced stress



*****Positive social behaviors

So…with the information shared, please consider a life change for your child….for your family. There is plenty of information out there to support the importance and the benefits of mindfulness. Knowing is only half the battle of us raising healthy, happy and productive children.

Enjoy today!

Tomaro Monique

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